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Training and Beyond

TeachSLOUGH offers excellent training opportunities and career progression for all colleagues.

With the introduction of Academies, Educational Trusts and School-to-School support, there are many opportunities available offering exciting career progression opportunities within the partnership.

To maintain the progression of our trainees throughout their career, we maintain our links with our trainee teachers, offering Continuous Professional Development as NQTs, Middle Managers and into Senior Leadership.

Upton Court Grammar School is committed to offering unique, bespoke and invaluable Continuous Professional Development opportunities for all colleagues. Providing school-to-school support, NQT training and trainee teachers with the support they need to not only train as a teacher, but to continue to progress throughout their career, the possibilities with TeachSLOUGH are endless!

TeachSLOUGH: Awake. Create. Educate.



Led by Upton Court Grammar School

Diversity Day is a training event offered to all our local trainee teachers and NQTs. The day focuses on building awareness of diversity within schools and inspiring trainees and NQTs to adapt their teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all students.




SEBDOS is a traded service which provides schools with the support, advice and training to enable them to meet the needs of pupils with Social, Emotional and Behavioural difficulties.

The service aims to support schools to:
Maintain a low percentage of permanent and fixed term exclusions compared to the national average.
Maintain high levels of pupils with SEBD needs in mainstream schools and with attendance at the same level as their peers.
Ensure that all pupils referred are provided with support and/or placed in appropriate settings within a reasonable time frame.
The SEBD Outreach Service includes high quality and experienced practitioners from a range of professional backgrounds. Individual staff members have specific expertise relevant to work with early years, primary and secondary aged pupils with social, emotional and behaviour difficulties. They work with pupils in both mainstream schools and specialist provisions either individually or as part of a small group.

The team offers bespoke advice and consultation to school staff. It also offers support and training for teachers and teaching assistants around managing social, emotional and behaviour difficulties in the form of individual or group support. The work of the team is focused on early intervention and the prevention of crisis for children, their schools and families.

To find out more about any of the training days/programmes listed, please click on the 'Learn More' buttons under each one, or contact us via the enquiry page.

December 07, 2017

TeachSlough is keen to involve schools in our TSST programme and work with them to enhance the subject knowledge of teachers.  This programme is designed to address the national shortage of Maths/Physics teachers by upskilling existing teachers from different subjects who are currently teaching Maths or Physics.


This programme adopts a blended learning approach whereby delegates will receive pedagogical input during their ‘in school’ sessions, observations and coaching. 

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